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Middle School Biology: Live Observations


Seventh and Eighth grade science students had the opportunity to observe live Madagascar hissing cockroaches in class today. Our biology unit included several live observations including single-celled paramecia, several plants and flowers, live snails, and finally the cockroaches. Today, the students were asked to observe: How the cockroaches walk Which feet move together What they prefer to eat Strawberries Blueberries Watermelon Banana How they react to various stimuli A gust of wind Water Sticky substance on their antennae Objects placed in front of them We would like to give a giant thank you to Denny’s Pet World in Kirkland for donating [...]

Middle School Biology: Live Observations2018-05-24T08:48:41-07:00

Best Private School Award!


The readers of 425 Magazine have once again voted Eastside Christian School as the Best Private Middle School and Best Private Elementary School!  This is the third year in a row that we have received such a great honor for our school. 2018 Best Elementary School and Best Middle School (Private) 2017 Best Elementary School and Best Middle School (Private) 2016 Best Preschool and Best Middle School (Private)   Carolyn Karkainen Additionally, our first grade teacher, Carolyn Karkainen, has won the Best Teacher award this year!  Last year's Best Teacher award also went to an Eastside Christian School teacher, Paula [...]

Best Private School Award!2018-05-10T09:50:34-07:00

Budget Math, Skills for Every Day


Recently our 3rd and 4th grade students shared the results of their budget math assignments. In this assignment, students chose a destination of their choice, a place somewhere around the world to which they hope to travel. Once the trip location was chosen, students researched activities and sight-seeing opportunities available for their destination.  From this list, students determined the estimated costs associated with each activity and found colorful photos of each to show in their Powerpoint slides. Along with price information, students also calculated the entire trip’s lodging, food, and transportation costs and tallied these in a table at the end [...]

Budget Math, Skills for Every Day2018-03-12T17:14:19-07:00

Kindergarten Supply List with Miss Simmons


Is it really that time already? Our kindergarten teachers are already gearing up for the 2017-18 school year! Here is a video of Miss Simmons going over all the supplies you will need to purchase for your child's year of kindergarten. [vc_video link="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_7e0pfH7MZQ"]

Kindergarten Supply List with Miss Simmons2017-07-13T09:23:55-07:00

Study Smart: Sharpening Your Study Skills with Mrs. Angela Gay


May is test month at ECS, as each grade takes their annual standardized achievement tests.  With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to talk about how to prepare for a test. The jury is still out among scientists on exactly how and why we forget certain pieces of information. However, it seems that, aside from injury or illness, the brain doesn’t necessarily “lose” information. Rather, it is a matter of it being stored correctly and/or fully committing the information to memory in the first place. If we can change the way we approach information, then we [...]

Study Smart: Sharpening Your Study Skills with Mrs. Angela Gay2017-05-23T11:10:55-07:00

Making Math Fun with Mrs. Morse


The phrase “Math is useful for everyday life.” is often repeated to students throughout the course of their education. However, demonstrating that fact in a creative way, so as to engage students, can be a trickier task. Angela Morse, our middle school math instructor, is constantly looking for imaginative ways to do just that. Her middle school students often talk about how she helps math “make sense”, so I visited her classroom to get an inside look at how she does it! Read on to see some of the projects they have done. • Geometry: The Pythagorean Spiral Students learned about [...]

Making Math Fun with Mrs. Morse2017-04-20T12:46:59-07:00

“Why we love 5th grade!” – An interview with Mrs. Turella’s fifth grade class


The other day I had the opportunity to visit Mrs. Turella's classroom to ask the students a few questions about the fifth grade. They had some great answers and were so full of joy. Here is what they had to say! ---------- ME: “Ok, guys…what do you love most about the fifth grade?” STUDENTS: “We get to go on awesome field trips! This year we went to IFly and did “Mission to Mars” at the Museum [of Flight]!” “That was fun!” “Yeah and it’s fun going with a smaller class, because we get to do more things.” “Science is really cool. [...]

“Why we love 5th grade!” – An interview with Mrs. Turella’s fifth grade class2017-03-31T15:30:06-07:00

Eagle Times – Written by students of Mrs. Luce’s journalism class


EAGLE TIMES Written by the ECS Journalism Team Spelling Bee The Spelling Bee was on the 27th of January at Shorewood Christian School. Our representatives did a great job!! Our students won two 1st places, three 2nd places, and one 4th place. Shooting into Girls’ Basketball ECS is excited to introduce the 2017 Girls' Basketball season. This season is going to be filled with lots of fun and hard work. This season, the girls are looking forward to team fellowship and learning new basketball skills. They are planning on helping with the mini Eagles and having lots of fun!! Get ready [...]

Eagle Times – Written by students of Mrs. Luce’s journalism class2017-02-10T13:24:53-08:00

What is DEEP? – By Mrs. Dalia Ibrahim


Written by Dalia Ibrahim - Middle School Science, Pre-Algebra and DEEP Instructor What is DEEP? Depending on the age of your child, the answer to this question will vary throughout the years they attend ECS. To a kindergartner, it is a fun time once a month where the older kids play games with them that are based off the monthly chapel theme. For an upper elementary student, it is a time where they get to join a small group and discuss the chapel message again while having fun. By middle school, the definition of DEEP takes on a whole new meaning. [...]

What is DEEP? – By Mrs. Dalia Ibrahim2017-01-31T11:28:00-08:00

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