Mentor Program

Our mentor program provides middle school students with an opportunity to be mentored by a Christian adult on campus. Teachers and staff are assigned students by gender and meet biweekly to discuss important topics relevant to students’ lives. Some of the benefits of the mentor program include:

  • Positive bonding between students and staff
  • Increased role-modeling and mentorship opportunities
  • A safe environment for sharing both personal and school-related issues


We offer several retreats each year for our 6th – 8th grade students. Each retreat is designed to meet specific objectives and allow for the greatest spiritual and emotional impact possible.

  • The Fall Retreat (6th-8th grade) – This retreat is held early in the school year to help students bond and establish positive relationships with the staff and each other.
  • The Mission Trip (7th-8th grade) – The Mission Trip, conducted over a portion of the Midwinter Break, challenges students to think beyond themselves and respond to the needs of those less fortunate in our immediate area. Past projects include volunteering at Northwest Harvest and at several U-District food banks.
  • The 8th Grade Retreat – This retreat is a fun, culminating experience for our soon-to-be graduates. In addition to enjoying some wildly fun activities, we work through the theme of “Setting Standards” as the students make their final preparations for moving on to high school.