ECS offers weekly gatherings where our students can worship together and hear God’s loving, personal message to each of them. Our Split-Chapels allow us to teach age-appropriate lessons tailored to the different grade levels, and our monthly all-school Chapel allows us to focus on important themes as a school. Some key distinctions of our program include:

  • Creative and enthusiastic presentations of timeless Biblical truths
  • Age-specific worship at each group level
  • Abundant opportunities for student involvement and participation

Our 2021-22 Chapel theme is “Farm Fruit: Staying Rooted in the Word to Cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit.”  A summary of each month’s All-School Chapel message can be found using the links below.




JANUARY – Patience

FEBRUARY – Kindness

MARCH – Goodness

APRIL – Faithfulness

MAY – Gentleness

Summaries of Chapel themes from previous years can be viewed on our Instagram channel.


Our ACTS Program is another avenue of spiritual growth, providing middle school students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and elementary students with an additional learning experience based on our monthly chapel theme. Here is the way it works:

  • Elementary students are divided into small groups of K-2nd or 3rd-5th grade students, each led by a team of 7th and 8th graders and a classroom teacher.
  • Object lessons and interactive games are used to help students apply the truths of each monthly chapel theme.
  • 7th and 8th grade leaders receive weekly instruction and feedback on planning and facilitating their small-group sessions.

My favorite class is music and I like ACTS group. It is a fun way to learn about God.

David, First Grade

My Amazing School:  I like many things about my school.  I would like to tell you about them.  My school is the only school that has ACTS group.  I also like that it has a big playground for us to play on.  There are really nice teachers that teach there.

Amber, First Grade

I love ECS because I get to go to ACTS group with my friends.

David, Third Grade