Written by Dalia Ibrahim – Middle School Science, Pre-Algebra and DEEP Instructor

What is DEEP? Depending on the age of your child, the answer to this question will vary throughout the years they attend ECS. To a kindergartner, it is a fun time once a month where the older kids play games with them that are based off the monthly chapel theme. For an upper elementary student, it is a time where they get to join a small group and discuss the chapel message again while having fun. By middle school, the definition of DEEP takes on a whole new meaning. For sixth graders, it is something to look forward to as they step into the role of leadership. For our seventh and eighth grade students, it is an opportunity to grow in the Lord and use their influence for His glory.

DEEP meets every Friday during fourth period. At the beginning of the year, we discuss classroom management strategies, how to captivate an audience, and public speaking skills. As we work toward each all-school chapel, the kids learn about the upcoming chapel subject and begin to practice activities that will emphasize Mr. Green’s message. Throughout the course of the year, our seventh and eighth graders learn how to lead. Through this discipleship opportunity, they learn how to talk about God and strong bonds are formed between the younger students and their DEEP leaders. Relationship is the most important thing that we foster in our DEEP gatherings. Through this program, we teach our older students how to lead by example and create a way for them to build strong, sincere, and lasting relationships with their younger schoolmates.

So what is DEEP? Well, it’s really all in the name.

D – Develop Leadership and Role Modeling skills

E – Encourage Spiritual Growth

E – Exercise Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Abilities

P – Promote School Unity