Budget Math, Skills for Every Day


Recently our 3rd and 4th grade students shared the results of their budget math assignments. In this assignment, students chose a destination of their choice, a place somewhere around the world to which they hope to travel. Once the trip location was chosen, students researched activities and sight-seeing opportunities available for their destination.  From this list, students determined the estimated costs associated with each activity and found colorful photos of each to show in their Powerpoint slides. Along with price information, students also calculated the entire trip’s lodging, food, and transportation costs and tallied these in a table at the end [...]

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5th Grade: Biological Sciences


Anatomy, a field in the biological sciences, is concerned with the identification and description of the body structures of living things. Physiology, a related biological field, is concerned with the functions of these living organisms and their parts. Our 5th grade students spent several days this year studying both anatomy and physiology of the human body. Working as teams, they learned more about some of the body’s major systems, including: Digestive Nervous Cardiovascular Musculo-skeletal Respiratory Each team created a 10-15 minute presentation to share in front of their peers and parents. Students donned their white “ECS Hospital” lab coats and presented [...]

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First Grade: Reading for Life, with Mrs. Karkainen


Eastside Christian School students consistently demonstrate reading test scores (along with math scores) well above the state and local district levels. One of the reasons for this is the differentiated instruction that our teachers use, beginning in the earliest grades. Additionally, our First Grade teachers use reading curriculum from A Beka Books, which ensures that students are taught new material along with a daily review of previously-taught materials. Our first grade students spend time learning: · phonics (correlating sounds with individual letters or groups of letters) · rhyming words (and their related spelling patterns) · punctuation and capitalization · root words, [...]

First Grade: Reading for Life, with Mrs. Karkainen2017-10-27T11:47:49-07:00
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