Virtual Field Trip to Space


Virtual Field Trip to Space Today our students were treated to a school-wide virtual field trip, hosted by Pacific Science Center.  Our host presenter did a fantastic job covering a wide variety of topics in the field of Astrogeology. The presentation began with an overview of land formations on earth, such as volcanoes, canyons, craters, and rivers, and contributing factors to their formation such as gas, asteroids, and erosion. Students were then encouraged to act as astrogeologists themselves as they travelled on a virtual trip to outer space, looking for landforms on planets and moons in our solar system.  Our [...]

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Investigating Magnetic Force


Investigating Magnetic Force Our 3rd grade students have been especially “attracted” to the science labs in class lately ~ perhaps because they are currently studying magnetism. Recent student experiments included measurements of force between two magnets. Working in groups, students tested how many washers it takes to "break the force” of two magnets that are separated by a plastic cup. Following these measurements, students retested the strength of magnetic force when adding 1-6 plastic spacers between the magnets.  Students were asked to use real data from their experiments to make predictions, then test their predictions to see how accurate they [...]

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A Gem on the Eastside


Finding a Gem on the Eastside “As a family we can say that we highly recommend Eastside Christian School. As part of our recent move to the Bellevue area we were seeking a private Christian school for our daughter, who was entering Kindergarten. We researched the schools on the Eastside and have been so grateful to find this gem. We have been so impressed with ECS, from the Enrollment Director to the Principal to the teaching staff. Our daughter tends to be extremely shy and quiet and the ECS environment has really allowed her to blossom and come out of [...]

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4th Grade Writing: Valentine Memories


Students from one of our 4th grade classes have worked diligently this week to complete their writing assignments, in order to give them to their parents in time for Valentine's Day.  The class was asked to write about a favorite memory, and their work is being graded (like many other writing assignments) on a rubric of clear expectations their teacher gave them.  Many of these writing expectations are core standards we expect in all of our classrooms, including neatness, correct spelling, appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and the inclusion of sensory details. To help make the assignment fun, their teacher read a [...]

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Serving Our Community


Serving Our Community "The ECS Middle School service trip is always one of my favorite parts of the school year! The seventh and eighth graders get to serve others while also spending quality time with their friends. This year we packaged 45 homeless care kits with socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, chapstick, granola bars, and more! We even included a Bible and a personalized note. My favorite part of the day was praying over the kits. It gave us a chance to pray for whomever would receive our bag. Praying made what we were doing feel more special and meaningful. We ended [...]

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What Our Students Love About ECS


What Our Students Love About ECS Students at Eastside Christian School love their teachers, friends, and learning God’s Word.  They “100% guarantee” all students will love our caring, Christ-centered community, too!  We agree, and invite you to consider ECS for your children, ages 3 through 8th grade ~ contact us at admissions@ecswa.org to learn more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR9kIjj1ed8&feature=youtu.be

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STEM: Environmental Science in 4th Grade


Mr. Pan’s students have been studying environmental science in his fourth grade classroom this fall.  During a recent lesson, students were asked to determine if temperature changes affect the properties of yeast and, if so, to describe their observations of those effects. In the first experiment, students evaluated the effects of yeast and sugar mixed with cold water, warm water, and hot water.  They were asked to describe their observations in writing for each water temperature and summarize their findings.  The class also experimented with yeast that had been frozen or baked and then mixed with sugar and water, comparing the [...]

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STEM: Lessons About Our Senses in Kindergarten


STEM: Lessons About Our Senses in Kindergarten Our kindergarten students recently participated in a set of memorable experiments about some of their primary senses:  hearing, vision, smell, taste, and touch. Ms. Lee asked her class to create hypotheses about the contents of mystery items hidden in eggs, using only the sense of hearing.  She also encouraged guessing about mystery smells like pencil lead, coffee, vinegar, food items, and wax.  Finally the class was asked to make some educated guesses about whether some foods would taste salty or sweet, using their senses of vision and touch before tasting. To help the [...]

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STEM – Project-based Learning


STEM (STEAM) Learning at Eastside Christian School What is STEM/STEAM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.  We add an "A" (STEAM) to represent the artistic flair our students frequently add to their STEM projects.  STEM projects blend the subjects listed above, giving students the chance to learn some "21st century skills" they need to succeed in the workplace.  Skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, postulating a hypothesis and finding evidence to support or negate the hypothesis, and group collaboration are important tools for today's students.  Studying and applying lessons in science, technology, engineering, and math help build these important skills. STEM [...]

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Best Private Middle School!


The readers of 425 Magazine have once again voted Eastside Christian School as the "Best Private Middle School" on the Eastside for 2019! This makes the fourth year in a row that we have received this honor. 2019 Best Middle School (Private) 2018 Best Elementary School and Best Middle School (Private)2017 Best Elementary School and Best Middle School (Private) 2016 Best Preschool and Best Middle School (Private) Additionally, both of our first grade teachers, Carolyn Karkainen and Paula Satterberg, have been voted 425 Magazine's Best Teacher award in the last two years. We are so grateful to have a school full [...]

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