Online Learning Success!

Who would have thought just a couple of months ago that this would be our new normal?

All of our teachers and families are working hard, embracing the changes that mandated school closures have brought our way.  This situation has taken many of us outside of our comfort zones, but despite the stress and anxiety we are off to a good start.  Our teachers have shown amazing creativity and showered our students with love as they’ve made the transition to provide education online.  Within just one day after closing our building, our middle school teachers had successfully begun their online teaching.  This was due in part to our 1:1 computer program, which starts in 6th grade and incorporates laptop use into daily learning in every classroom.  Just a couple of days later our elementary teachers began rolling out their online lessons as well!

Our goal is to continue to provide a top-notch program, even though our instruction methods may have changed for a time.  With each passing day, our staff and families are gaining new skills and learning together as we forge new paths in education.  The spirit of Christ that binds our school community together continues to work in us and through us, for God’s love and power are not diminished because of “social distancing” or time apart.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to our daily lives, we pray everyone impacted will make time for things that help refresh and rejuvenate the soul.   As Ecclesiastes says, there is a time for everything under the sun.  Whether you just stop to smell the roses or to take a mid-day nap, rise early to worship at sunrise or walk along the lake at sunset, sit alone with your Bible or gather as a family around the fire, may you use this time to draw closer to God and be reminded of His many blessings.

May you stay well ~