Hallelujah, everyone
Everyone can come to the cross
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done
Everyone can come to the cross

~Michael W Smith, “Come to the Cross”

What a joy-filled week we have enjoyed during our annual “Faith Week,” leading up to Good Friday today. Today we commemorate Jesus’ physical death on the cross 2,000 years ago, but death itself is definitely not good. So why do we call this day “good” Friday?

  • It is good because Jesus sacrificed himself in our place, taking the penalty of our sins on himself, even though he himself never sinned.
  • It is good because God didn’t abandon Jesus to the grave, but instead raised his body back to life after three days.
  • It is good because God promises that we are made right with Him if we place our faith in Jesus! We don’t have to pay the penalty for our sins, but instead our sins are forgiven and we are washed clean. God promises to raise believers to new life, just like Jesus, so we can spend eternity in heaven with God, forever and ever!

Today we ended our Faith Week activities by “coming to the cross”, placing our names on the cross as a symbol and confession of our faith in Jesus, full of praise for His magnificent act of love for us.

It is a good, good Friday indeed!