Students from one of our 4th grade classes have worked diligently this week to complete their writing assignments, in order to give them to their parents in time for Valentine’s Day.  The class was asked to write about a favorite memory, and their work is being graded (like many other writing assignments) on a rubric of clear expectations their teacher gave them.  Many of these writing expectations are core standards we expect in all of our classrooms, including neatness, correct spelling, appropriate grammar, vocabulary, and the inclusion of sensory details.

To help make the assignment fun, their teacher read a children’s book titled, “Thank You, Mr. Panda.”  The story’s main point is to remind the reader that when giving and receiving gifts, “it’s the thought that counts.”  Students were then encouraged to add their own artistic flair to their finished version of their writing by adding color, hearts, and other flourishes of love to their papers.

Students have really enjoyed this writing assignment because their teacher encouraged the kids to approach it from the perspective of creativity and fun.  We know they will enjoy giving these gifts of love to their parents, knowing that any gift from the heart is a beautiful gift indeed.  May our parents be blessed by these love-filled gifts!