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Anti Bullying: The Power of Two


At a recent all-school assembly, brought to us by Soren Bennick Productions, our students spent dedicated time learning about bullying and the #PowerOfOne.  The message of anti-bullying was expressed in a performance of skits and discussions covering: * The definition of bullying * The “roles” in bullying:  the bully, the target, the bystander, the one who intervenes * The negative effects of bullying * What children can do to stop bullying, if they see it - walk the target away from the scene - intervene with the bully - report the bullying to a teacher/adult   In addition to this assembly, [...]

Anti Bullying: The Power of Two2018-02-09T09:41:02-08:00

4th Grade: Washington State History


In fourth grade, students use their understanding of social studies concepts and skills to explore Washington State in the past and present. Students learn about the state’s unique geography and key eras in early Washington State history, particularly the treaty-making period.  One era which our ECS students recently studied was that of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions. The Lewis and Clark expedition (at the time known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition), was the first American exploration of what is now the western portion of the United States. The planning began in early 1803, with Lewis and Clark departing from St. Louis, Missouri in [...]

4th Grade: Washington State History2018-02-06T09:43:36-08:00

Staff Devotions: Trials


The ECS staff gathers every morning for a staff-led devotional and prayer. The following was shared by 2nd grade teacher Carole Bell this week. We hope it is an encouragement for you!   PEANUTS(c) by Charles Schulz Most of us have heard the saying: “You are either in a trial, coming out of a trial, or soon to enter one.” Yes, life is full of trials or tests.  These trials or tests come in various forms:  loss of a love one or loss of a job, health concerns, relationship struggles in marriage, singleness, parenting, friendships, or partnerships, frustrations or [...]

Staff Devotions: Trials2018-02-01T10:50:14-08:00

5th Grade: Biological Sciences


Anatomy, a field in the biological sciences, is concerned with the identification and description of the body structures of living things. Physiology, a related biological field, is concerned with the functions of these living organisms and their parts. Our 5th grade students spent several days this year studying both anatomy and physiology of the human body. Working as teams, they learned more about some of the body’s major systems, including: Digestive Nervous Cardiovascular Musculo-skeletal Respiratory Each team created a 10-15 minute presentation to share in front of their peers and parents. Students donned their white “ECS Hospital” lab coats and presented [...]

5th Grade: Biological Sciences2018-01-02T13:52:23-08:00

5th Grade Literacy Learning


Have you ever wished you could go back in time?  Have you wondered what it would be like to do things “the old fashioned way”?  If so, you might enjoy reading the book, “My Side of the Mountain,” by Jean Craighead George. The main character in the book, a 14-year old boy named Sam Gribley, is unhappy living in New York City, so he runs away to the Catskill Mountains in New York to live by himself in the woods.  The author depicts Sam as a boy who faces challenges head-on and overcomes them.  With only a couple of tools, Sam [...]

5th Grade Literacy Learning2017-12-12T09:08:34-08:00

First Grade: Science is Fun!


The students in Mrs. Satterberg’s 1st grade class were anticipating it all month – Pumpkin Science Week – and the activities did not disappoint!  Each child was instructed to bring in a pumpkin of their choosing, so the variety was great.  There were orange and white pumpkins, small and large pumpkins, pumpkins with smooth rinds and pumpkins with bumps.  While the size and exterior varied greatly, there were (of course) some similar things as well.  Mrs. Satterberg used all of this variety and similarity as she unpacked the lessons in her Pumpkin Science unit.  The kids moved through several stations to [...]

First Grade: Science is Fun!2017-11-17T14:01:22-08:00

Preschool Traditions: Pumpkin Patch


Our preschool traditions are so important, and a visit to the Pumpkin Patch every fall is no exception!  Read on to hear about the experience from one of our preschool parents, Stephanie Hui: "It was a crisp, sunny morning on Tuesday October 24th and kids were excited. It was the first field trip - to Fox Hollow Farm - for Mrs Rebecca, Mrs Becky/Mrs Amy and Mrs Brooke’s half-day preschool classes. Kids and parents arrived by 9:45am and were greeted by free roaming chickens walking past our legs. We enjoyed exploring the farm, which was decked out in glorious fall decor. [...]

Preschool Traditions: Pumpkin Patch2017-11-06T08:37:54-08:00

First Grade: Reading for Life, with Mrs. Karkainen


Eastside Christian School students consistently demonstrate reading test scores (along with math scores) well above the state and local district levels. One of the reasons for this is the differentiated instruction that our teachers use, beginning in the earliest grades. Additionally, our First Grade teachers use reading curriculum from A Beka Books, which ensures that students are taught new material along with a daily review of previously-taught materials. Our first grade students spend time learning: · phonics (correlating sounds with individual letters or groups of letters) · rhyming words (and their related spelling patterns) · punctuation and capitalization · root words, [...]

First Grade: Reading for Life, with Mrs. Karkainen2017-10-27T11:47:49-07:00
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