Transfer Students

At Eastside Christian School, we understand that changing schools can be a difficult time of transition for young people. When a child enters K-8th during the academic year, we have steps in place to help welcome your child and make his or her initial time at ECS a positive and enjoyable experience. Like you, we want your child to be successful and love coming to school. The supports listed below can help achieve this.


  • Your child will be welcomed on the first day of class and paired with a student buddy for the first week.
  • You will be contacted by your child’s Room Parent.
  • After a few weeks, ECS will follow up with you and your child’s teacher to make sure the transition is going well.
  • If desired, the Principal will meet with the family to address any questions/concerns about academics and student life.

Middle School

Middle-schoolers transferring to ECS will have the additional benefit of meeting regularly with an adult mentor to make sure things are going well both inside and outside of the classroom.


I, Delphine Li, am a loyal servant of God. Gifted with knowledge, faith, and mercy, I am able to discover truths, to feel genuine compassion for people, and to help alleviate the suffering in a Christ-reflected way. I’m thankful to my 5th-grade music teacher for encouraging me to join the worship team. She has taught me to use my gifts to glorify God, and made me fall in love with praising Him in such a joyful and soothing way. I’m usually a little shy with strangers, but open up a lot with close friends. I like to share things with others, and to help those in need. I’m patient, academically strong, and good at singing and playing the piano. I enjoy solving problems through experiments and researches, and always get pleasure from accomplishments. Being part of the worship team is another one of my favorite things to do in school. God may want me to be a surgeon and part-time worship leader, so that I can both physically save people’s lives, and spiritually connect them with Him.

Delphine Li Mission Statement - Class of 2017

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