Welcome to the 2018-2019 athletic year. Eastside Christian is committed to providing a Christ centered environment for your son/daughter, equipping them as servant leaders in His kingdom. Middle school athletics is an excellent vehicle for the development of individual skills, teamwork, leadership, and competition. It is an extra-curricular activity, not required, so the expectations will be demanding for any participating student.

Eastside Christian’s middle school athletic program participates in the Cascade Middle School League which is made up of the following schools:

  • Eastside Christian School
  • Seattle Country Day School
  • Jewish Day School
  • Cedar Park Christian School
  • Seattle Girls School
  • Billings Middle School
  • Providence Classic Christian School
  • Lake Washington Girls School
  • Open Window School
  • Seattle Hebrew Academy
  • Evergreen School (North Seattle)
  • Renton Christian School
  • Explorer West Middle School
  • Puget Sound Adventist Academy
  • French American School (Mercer Island)
  • Brighton School

The middle school athletics program participates in 3 seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring.  All 5th -8th graders are eligible to participate.  All sports are no cut, however, several standards must be meet for each student to participate on the team.

We offer the following sports:

  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Track & Field
  • Co-ed Tennis


I invite you to cheer on our Eastside Christian Eagles at an upcoming sporting event! My hope is that you will see our tremendous young men and women glorifying God in the way that they carry themselves both on and off the court.

Jay Johnson
Athletics Director

I, Evan Lam, am a child of the Lord who heals. My spiritual gift of mercy stems from being homeschooled for the majority of my life. Weak in social skills, I didn’t talk much. But that made me observant, and allowed me to pick up on cues that told me how people were feeling. This enabled me to relate with other shy kids and be a friend. The spiritual gift of service that God has given me comes from my love of teamwork and skill of planning things out in my head; which I can thank years of playing chess for. For example, when we’re stuck on an assignment during a group project, I’ll try to see the bigger picture to help unstick us. Looking at my spiritual gifts, I can see myself being open to God to be used as a blessing and an available friend to others.

Evan Lam Mission Statement - Class of 2017

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