The Eastside Christian School athletics program prides itself on representing Christ well in the way that we practice, compete, and treat our fellow athletes, coaches, and officials. As a school, we recognize the value of sports and the learning opportunities that sports provide to our students. We utilize athletics to foster spiritual growth, character development, and physical fitness.  This is achieved through hard work, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and, of course, fun!  

We encourage participation by having a “no cut” policy and ensure that every participant has an enjoyable experience. Our coaches treat all athletes with respect and have the student’s best interest at heart. Coaches encourage athletes to develop their God-given talents and abilities through competitive play, while stressing the importance of playing in a God-honoring way. All skill levels are welcome. Coaches work to meet the needs of the athlete playing for the first time as well as the athlete aspiring to play at the high school level. 

Eastside Christian School is a member of the Cascade Middle School League, which consists of 17 private schools located in the greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. The values listed by our league constitution are as follows: 

  • To provide healthy and fun activity through competition, good fellowship, and sportsmanship among the schools in the league 
  • To provide a compatible level of competition 
  • To meet the diverse needs of this age group through sport 

At Eastside Christian School we offer the following sports: 

  • Cross Country
  • Volleyball 
  • Boys Basketball 
  • Girls Basketball 
  • Track & Field 
  • Co-ed Tennis 

I invite you to cheer on our Eastside Christian Eagles at an upcoming sporting event! My hope is that you will see our tremendous young men and women glorifying God in the way that they carry themselves both on and off the court. 

Jay Johnson
Athletics Director 


I, Yeonwoo Shim, am a child of God and He has given me the spiritual gifts of leadership, knowledge, and faith. God has given me the gift of being able to be a good listener and He has blessed me with the desire to care for my friends and family. The Lord has also given me the enjoyment of making people happy. When I make someone smile or laugh, I receive joy from it. I love being able to lift up the spirits of others. By giving me these spiritual gifts, I believe that God is directing me to take up a profession that can help people to smile and be cheerful throughout their lives, like being a lawyer. I believe that I can apply all three of my gifts: leadership, knowledge, and faith to this career. I’m not sure what God has planned for me, but I know that God has given me the purpose of spreading happiness and positivity. With my positive and friendly personality, I believe that I am prepared for high school. Eastside Christian School has helped me to become a better person and this school has boosted my love and faith for God. Just as Jesus came down to this earth and spread happiness, I want to follow His footsteps. I hope to spread the glory and love of God as I uplift the people around me.

Yeonwoo Shim Mission Statement - Class of 2018

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