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Parents and grandparents can volunteer in the classroom, at school events, on field trips, or through take-home projects.  These opportunities will be communicated in the classroom, through the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF), or via ECS’s Thursday newsletters.

Family volunteer hours are determined by the status of the oldest child (full-time or half-time)

and will fulfill the volunteer hours for the entire family (whether you have one or multiple children attending ECS).

For full-day students (K-8 and 5-day, full-day preschool), the family is asked to volunteer 30 hours per school year.

Part-time preschool families are asked to volunteer the following number of hours,

2 half-days/week = 6 hours

3 half-days/week = 9 hours

4 half-days/week = 12 hours

5 half-days/week = 15 hours

2 full days/week = 12 hours

3 full days/week = 18 hours

4 full days/week = 24 hours

(Unmet hours are billed in May at $30/hour. Volunteer hours reported after billing will be credited to the family’s account.)