Eastside Christian School has historically been a leader in academics, and this past year was no different.

In 2017, Eastside Christian School’s 4th and 7th graders participated in the Washington State Smarter Balanced test. Please click on the following link to see the Smarter Balanced Test Results

  • I, Joshua Kong, hereby commit to a life of being God’s representative to the rest of the “world”. This means I will live to Christian standards and hold my morals in the highest possible regard.  As a Christian I will use my spiritual gifts; Mercy, Faith, Discernment, Giving, and Serving to be the salt and light that the world needs. Specifically, I want to be an example to my society by being as pure as possible, so that God’s glory will be greatly magnified by my deeds and actions. I will live as a Christian to a largely non-Christian society and follow God’s will and his plan through my high school and college life.

    Joshua Kong Mission Statement - Class of 2014
  • I, Cam Hernon, am an asset unto the Lord. I plan to make new friendships in high school and build upon them until I have friends that I know will last me for a long time to come. I want to enter into ministries and outreaches at my church during high school so that I can further impact others around me. I love giving to others, because I love the joy that it brings when others benefit from things they previously didn’t have. When I’m older, I want to enter the film industry, and I want people around me to see me standing out as a Christian but still shining in the work that I do. I plan to be clean in my language in high school so that people will see a difference in me, and my friends will be Christians or will have good morals. Through this, I plan to have an amazing four years in high school, but I can only do this through the help of God my Savior.”

    Cam Hernon Mission Statement - Class of 2013