Eastside Christian School has historically been a leader in academics, and this past year was no different.

In 2017, Eastside Christian School’s 4th and 7th graders participated in the Washington State Smarter Balanced test. Please click on the following link to see the Smarter Balanced Test Results

I, Tara Liu, am a child of God. I love to travel, spend time with my friends and family, and do gymnastics. God has blessed me with the spiritual gifts of leadership, exhortation, and faith. I’m an introvert, so I usually stick around people who I’ve gotten to know and often don’t go beyond my comfort zone. However, being a gymnast, I am constantly faced with challenges that force me out of my comfort zone. From my experiences with gymnastics, I have become more confident with myself, and I hope to use my confidence to become a leader and an example for others. Being at ECS has helped me identify what my spiritual gifts are and I hope to continue using them in high school. As I move into high school, I plan to use my gifts to be the type of friend who others can talk to and count on, be an example to others, and help others build a stronger relationship with God.

Tara Liu Mission Statement - Class of 2017

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