The Eastside Christian School middle school athletics program nurtures spiritual growth and character development in our student athletes, while providing the benefits of physical activity. This is achieved through hard work, discipline, teamwork, perseverance, and, of course, fun! We take pride in making our sports an enjoyable experience for all participants and encourage student athletes to glorify God through the talents and skills He has given them.

Eastside Christian School is a member of the Cascade Middle School League, which consists of 14 private schools located in the greater Seattle and Bellevue areas. The values listed by our league constitution are as follows:

  • To provide healthy and fun activity through competition, good fellowship, and sportsmanship among the schools in the league
  • To provide a compatible level of competition
  • To meet the diverse needs of this age group through sport

At Eastside Christian School we offer five sports:

  • Volleyball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Track & Field
  • Co-ed Tennis
  • I am Josef Helton and this is who I am. I am an ambassador for Christ and am able to hold my ground when questioned. My gifts of mercy and service inspire me to help when someone is hurt by the world, either by an earthquake or someone hurting them physically. Injustice makes me want to do something for people who can’t fight back or are being taken advantage of. Through my life I have learned that not everything goes your way, such as when my parents got divorced. Although that happened, God made it turn out; I am going to have a stepbrother and a stepmother soon. Life is a mystery, but you have to be positive, which makes it all the better. I learned through a game of paintball that a team is like your community—who you put yourself around. I want to use my gift of apostleship in my football team to help them in hard times and strengthen them in Christ. I, Josef Helton, want to use my skills to help people make a foundation in Christ and stand firm in Him.

    Josef Helton Mission Statement - Class of 2013
  • I, Evan Toy, am a child of God. The spiritual gifts that God has blessed me with are faith, mercy, and leadership. Two experiences that have greatly impacted my life are the 2010 and 2011 Oklahoma mission trips, and my close friends not returning for eighth grade this year. Through these experiences, I learned who I really am and have grown closer to God. My relational style is all about being around other people. I would love to take advantage of leadership opportunities next year in high school. Throughout the years, I have developed skills for playing the saxophone, and, of course, basketball. I get excited for anything related to sports: basketball, baseball, and even golf. I really get fired up when I see professional athletes cheating, like using drugs. It represents a lack of leadership and poor character. I can see myself leading others and being a great influence by doing the right things in high school and college.

    Evan Toy Mission Statement - Class of 2013